Acid & Base

March 2019, 2:00 pm

There was a day in March where we had an experiment. The experiment about acid, an ionic compound that produces positive hydrogen ions (H+) when dissolved in water and base, an ionic compound that produces negative hydroxide ions (OH-) when dissolved in water. It was the day where we understand more about these two substances.

Bleach solution is missing in this picture.

That day we were instructed to pour 20 milliliters of each solution into each cup. Those solutions were lemon juice, vinegar, sprite, water, toothpaste (with water solution), baking soda (with water solution), and bleach. We were told that these solutions represent different pH levels. 

Later on, we poured the red cabbage indicator into each solution’s cup. Then we noticed the changes in color. 

The clear sprite has turned into light red. The light blue toothpaste solution has turned into light purple. The other solutions also changed colors. 

The final step that we did was to combine those solutions that were mixed with the indicator, together. We blended lemon juice with bleach, baking soda solution with vinegar and sprite with toothpaste solution. The result that we got was that they changed colors again. 


The red lemon juice solution and light yellow bleach solution has turned into a red solution. This is because the solution has more acid than the base. 




We were then asked to write a theory about this experiment and this is what I’ve written. 

The reaction of acid and base is called neutralization where the products are water and salt. This neutralization helps to balance the solution but it depends on the concentrations of the acid and base in the solution. If you mix a high acid with a high base, it will produce water and salt and the solution will more likely to become neutral. If you mix a high base with a low acid or a low base with high acid, the solution won’t balance but it still produces water and salt. However, it will also contain a higher concentration of one side because of the leftover acid or base which makes it still be acidic or basic. 

The Experiment has End!

Angles in Triangles

Triangle is a shape that forms of three sides and three angles. There are different types of triangle such as isosceles triangle, equilateral triangle and more. However, one fact about the triangle is that the sum of the three angles will always be 180 degrees. Therefore, it is easy to find the one missing angle. 

To find the missing angle, we just need to subtract the two angles that are being shown from 180 degrees. For example:

 180 – ( 23 + 124 )

180 – 147 = 33

So, the missing angle is equal to 33 degrees. 

What We’ve Been Doing? – Math

Math is a complicated subject to learn. Therefore, we have to find the right resources and strategies that can help us learn easily. In math class, we’ve been studying from Singapore Math Books and now by the end of this year, we have finished Primary Mathematics 5B. 

Not only studying from books, but we also learn from online resources. Every week, we have homework that is due on Monday in Khan Academy, an online website that you can learn about different subjects. This is a really helpful website because you can keep track of what you’ve been learning. Besides, at the end of every term, we have a celebration of knowledge, a quiz to test how well you understand the lesson. Because of all the great resources and strategies, we were able to understand math easier and study with pleasure. 

In round 5, we were focusing on different lessons but the one that I enjoyed the most was the intro to algebra. Algebra is a part of mathematics where unknown numbers are represented by letters. For example:

6x + x – 5

5 – x

3x + 2x

Because I’ve learned algebra before, I find it is easier to learn this lesson. Below is the exercise I’ve done before. 

Algebra Exercise:

3(x+5) = 33

3x + 15 = 33

3x = 33 – 15

3x = 18

x = 18/3

x = 6

Mango Picker

Six Simple Machines


Inclined Plane

A type of simple machine that uses for moving things upward or downward.




A type of simple machine that the force is applied at a point that gives the output at another point. Ex: scissors, etc

Wheel and Axle

A type of simple machine that consists of two circular objects with an axle in the middle which usually is used to move an object.



A type of simple machine that is used to split and cut things. 






A type of simple machine that consists of a wheel and string attached to it. Usually, it is used to lift things up. 






A type of simple machine that the inclined plane is wrapped spirally around a shaft. 




Mango Picker

Just by seeing the name, we know that the Mango Picker is used to pick up mangoes but for a long distance without having to carry a heavy dustpan that is full of mangoes with you while collecting them. It is a compound machine that composes of three different types of simple machine which are wheel & axle, lever, and inclined plane. This Mango Picker project was inspired by the situation in our school where there are full of mango trees and those mangoes are falling down every day. We always have to collect those mangoes and put them in the dustpan. After the dustpan is full, we have to throw them into the trash bin which is at least three meters far from each other. We have to repeat this process, again and again, several times until all the mangoes are being collected. It is really tiring to keep doing that because when the dustpan is filled up, it is heavy due to the weight of the mangoes. Therefore, our team has come up with the idea of creating this Mango Picker. The Mango Picker uses wheels to reduce the force that is needed to move the dustpan and the inclined plane which make the mango rolls down into the box. It uses the lever to help the mango moving too. We have created a prototype that is made out of papers and bottle caps. In overall, I think that this project is really fascinating and educational but also at the same time it is fun to learn. 

Bastard – Book Review

Deciding and planning what you will be doing in class is called independent learning, and that’s what our Literacy class round 5 was about. The students were given the opportunity to choose their own novel to read, decide their own topic to write and organize their own time in class. I read a novel titled Bastard, a comic that reflects on a sentence that says it’s not too late to start over.

Title: Bastard

Author: Youngchan Hwang & Carnby Kim

Rate: 9.88 (Webtoon)

Numbers of Episode: 93 Ep

 Main Characters: 


Jin Seon

A son of a murderer (Dongsoo Seon), who’s been an accomplice in his father’s crime since he was young. 





Dongsoo Seon

A serial killer who murdered girls but also people who get in the way of achieving his goal. 





Kyun Yoon

A transfer student who’s been always on Jin’s side. She is someone who changed Jin’s life. 



Jin Seon is an ordinary high school student who’s been bullied by other high schoolers because of his one glass eye and his quiet personality. One day Jin was harmed by other high schoolers and needed to be saved immediately, because of the help from Kyun Yoon he was able to go to the hospital safely. His father, Dongsoo the CEO of G Corporation and also known as the philanthropist in the society, accidentally saw Kyun on his way to Jin’s room in the infirmary. He then was attracted to the willingness to kill Kyun while Jin started to protect her. 

Jin Seon & Dongsoo Seon: 

Since Jin was Young, he thought that his father was the one who drops Jin off the building which makes him weak and lost one of his eyes. He also thought that his father will kill him whenever he is useless to his father, because of this thought Jin was scared about telling anyone that his father is a serial killer. Moreover, will Jin be able to accept the fact that he will be put in jail for a certain amount of time because of all the crimes that he’s cooperated with his father unwillingly if he testified all the things to the police? He kept this thing to himself, the fact that his father is a murderer, and a demon is what Jin knew his father as. 

Jin Seon & Kyun Yoon: 

Kyun Yoon is Jin’s girlfriend. They met each other when Kyun helped Jin from the bully. Since Jin was young, he always had a nightmare of falling off the building but then Kyun changed his dream. Kyun is helping Jin from falling off the building and being a light that shines across the darkness. She always stays on his side and believes that even though Jin is weak but he’s not a bad person. Jin was really afraid to tell Kyun the truth because he thought that Kyun will hate him if she knows the fact that he’s been an accomplice in his father’s crimes but when the time came, Kyun knew everything but still accepted it and stay on Jin’s side because she believes that it’s not too late to start over. 

Dongsoo Seon & Kyun Yoon: 

Dongsoo has attracted to Kyun since the time he ran into her in the hospital. However, Kyun never knows about it and respects Dongsoo as her elder. Dongsoo has also asked Jin to help him getting Kyun but Jin refused. In the end, Kyun knew everything from Jin and scared of what Dongsoo is doing. 

Favorite Part:

At the very end part of the story, Jin had cleared all of the confusions he has with his dad. The one who threw him off the building wasn’t his dad, it was his mom. The reality was his dad never intend to kill him but still, he is a demon who is a serial killer. He had killed a lot of women and also Jin’s friend, Manny Kim. However, Jin has forgiven Dongsoo through the act of not killing him. 

Author Writing Style: 

The comic contains lots of new words that can be used in everyday life. Moreover, the author always leading the readers to unexpected things which make the readers curious what will happen next. 


Bastard is a thriller comic where it reflects on the relationship between a dad who’s a murderer and his son. It shows how the son got the courage to go against his father. If you like reading a thrilling or a fascinating novel, Bastard is recommended. For me, this is one of my favorite comics. 


There is a serial killer in my house!



Khmer Dance


  • ដាំ
  • ដុះ
  • ស្លឹកខ្ចី
  • ស្លឹក
  • ផ្កា
  • ផ្លែ




  • របាំក្បាច់បុរាណខ្មែរ
    1. របាំក្បាច់បុរាណខ្មែរឬ របាំព្រះរាជទ្រព្យគឺជា របាំបុរាណខ្មែរ ដែលជាទម្រង់សិល្បៈសក្ការៈ(សិល្បៈទេវៈ) មួយដែលមានវ័យចំណាស់ មកហើយនៅក្នុងចំណោមទម្រង់សិល្បៈសក្ការៈ ហើយក៏ជាទម្រង់សិល្បៈដែលមានតម្លៃពិតខាងស្មារតី និងខាងបច្ចេកទេសកំរិតខ្ពស់ក្នុងចំណោមទម្រង់សិល្បៈទស្សនីយភាពនៅកម្ពុជា។
    2. របាំក្បាច់បុរាណខ្មែរ មានតួអង្គចំនួន៤ ដែលមានដូចជា តួនាង តួនាយរោង តួយក្សនិង តួស្វា។ ប៉ុន្តែក៏នៅមាន តួអង្គបន្ទាប់បន្សំដូចជាសត្វផងដែរ។ តួអង្គក្នុង របាំបុរាណខ្មែរ គឺសម្ដែងដោយស្ត្រីទាំងអស់ លើកលែងតែតួឥសីនិង តួត្លុកប៉ុណ្ណោះដែលសម្ដែងដោយបុរស។ ប៉ុន្តែក្រោយមក តួស្វាក៏ត្រូវបានសម្ដែងដោយ បុរសដូចគ្នា។
    3. របាំក្បាច់បុរាណខ្មែរមានដូចជា៖
      1. របាំជូនពរ
      2. របាំទេពមនោរម្យ
      3. របាំអប្សរា
      4. របាំរាមលក្ម្សណ៍
      5. ជបលក្ម្សណ៍
      6. របាមុនីមេខឡា
      7. របាំសុវណ្ណមច្ឆា
      8. របាំព្រាហ្មណ៍
      9. របាំទៀន

  • របាំប្រពៃណីខ្មែរ
    1. របាំប្រពៃណីគឺជា របាំដែលស្ថិតជាប់នឹងពិធីប្រពៃណី ឬពិធីដំណរត្រកូល ដ៏យូរលង់ណាស់មកហើយរបស់ ជនជាតិខ្មែរ។ របាំប្រពៃណីខ្មែរមាន របាំចំនួន៤០ប្រភេទ។
    2. របាំប្រពៃណីខ្មែរមានដូចជា៖
      1. របាំត្រុដិ
      2. របាំត្រុដិនាងម៉េវ
      3. របាក្ងោកប៉ៃលិន
      4. របាំបក់ស្រូវ
      5. របាំក្ងោកពោធិសាត់
      6. របាំបេះក្រវ៉ាញ
      7. របាំសែនភ្លយ
      8. របាំស្នែងទន្សោង
      9. របាំព័ទ្ធរ៉ុង
      10. របាំភ្លយសយ
      11. របាំកន្តែរ៉ែ
      12. របាំច្រម
      13. របាំវាយក្រាប់
      14. របាំអន្ទង់ហែន
      15. របាំគោះត្រឡោក
      16. របាំគោះអង្រែ
      17. របាំតូណែទីន
      18. កាប់ក្របីផឹកស្រា
      19. របាំវង់ភូមិថ្មី
      20. របាំគែន
      21. វាយគួយ
      22. ចាក់គ្រើល
      23. ត្បាល់កាប់
      24. អារក្ខចាម
      25. របាំស្នា
      26. របាំនេសាទ
      27. របាំកង្កែប
      28. អាពាហ៍ពិពាហ៍បក្សី
      29. របាំស្ករត្នោត
      30. របាំក្អម
      31. របាំបរគោ
      32. របាំច្រូតស្រូវ
      33. របាំបិកលក្ខណ៍
      34. របាំកន្សែងស្នេហ៍
      35. របាំចាក់អង្ក្រង
      36. របាំឆៃយ៉ាំ
      37. របាំដាល់អំបុក
      38. របាំស្គរ
      39. របាំគងសួយ
      40. របាំគងស្មៀង

  • របាំប្រជាប្រិយខ្មែរ
    1. របាំដែលមានការនិយមជាទូទៅ ក្នុងប្រទេស កម្ពុជា។ 
    2. របាំប្រជាប្រិយខ្មែរ៖
      1. រាំរង្ស
      2. រាំក្បាច់
      3. សារ៉ាវ៉ាន់
      4. ឡាំលាវ
      5. ចូកកំពឹស
      6. តាលុង
      7. កន្ត្រឹម
      8. រាំប្រឺន

How to be Happy When You Can’t Use Your Devices

Being controlled by parents about using technology devices is one of the hardest things for teenagers. Every day, we play games like Fortnite, Rules of Survival, Minecraft, Candy Crush and more. We use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok daily. 45% of 2,750 teenagers that were surveyed, admitted bringing their mobiles to bed, according to the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC). Isn’t that crazy about how people addicted to their technology devices? 

Well, in the past my parents have stopped me from using technology devices for three days because of the harmful screens that hurt my eyes. Have you ever imagine what it feels like to have your phone, computer, and even television away from you? I felt like I was trapped in a room with no electricity and internet which was really monotonous. That is what I’ve faced and because of that, now I’m going to help you overcome that problem by finding happiness without technology.


Since you were born until now, I believe that you have at least daydreamed once. Can you recall what it feels like to daydream? From what I remember, from the last time that I fantasized was that I felt peaceful and pleased. As stated by the Psychologies magazine, “Like playing a film in our heads, daydreams can change our mood, they can relax or entertain us”. This shows that daydreaming can bring contentment to our mood. Therefore, why don’t you use this difficult time to enter a reverie about something that you enjoy, something that would make you satisfied? 

Doing daydreaming can somehow divert you from the problem you’re facing. Now, let’s use a situation as an example. In our case, let’s say your parents stop you from using devices for a day. You don’t know what to do. So, you use that time to daydream about getting rich, for example. You first started by dreaming about becoming a billionaire, after that you continue to dream about what you want to do in that case. You then get satisfied with what you’re thinking, so you want to keep going on with what you are imagining. By doing that you will forget about the terrible time you’re facing. This is how daydreaming help you to find happiness without technology. 

Now, to daydream peacefully, you might want to find somewhere that is comfortable. One of the places that I recommend you is your bedroom because you might want to fantasize for a long time and no one is there to irritate you. After finding your place, you can start creating your own story and adventure, creating the world that you want to live in and the memory you want to have. Also, after daydreaming for a long time, you might fall asleep which is good because it can reduce the amount of your difficult time by being asleep. By doing this I hope that you will feel peaceful and please just like I did. 


Beside fantasizing, you can also do something else like reading a book. Perusing a book can benefit you in a lot of different ways such as gain more knowledge, improve your reading skill, not only distract you from your day without technology. However, you need to choose the right book to focus on because if you can’t concentrate on that book, you might feel boring. Which is not what you want? Plus, you can imagine yourself as the character in the book. Isn’t it sound exciting? 


Everyone has their own hobbies. For example, I like dancing, learning and solving cubic puzzles, learning and playing musical instruments and more. Doing all these kinds of stuff, make me happy. Therefore, if you don’t want to read or daydream, you can do other things that you like. The author of “How Hobbies Make You Happier and Healthier” in the Life & Health Network has stated that one study showed that people who engage in hobbies enjoy better moods, feel more interested, and have less stress and lower heart rates. This means enjoying our hobby can make us feel pleasurable. Who knows if your hobby is playing guitar and you use that hard time to play guitar, you might also improve your skill in that category. 


After doing these kinds of things, having a reflection on those activities would help a lot whether you find those action delightful. These are some questions to guide you to do this reflection. Did you find those activities satisfying? Were you thinking of a phone, a computer or even other technology devices while doing these activities? If yes, why? Which activities do you like the most and why? Finally, I hope that you will find at least one of these activities gratifying. Remember if you can’t use technology devices, you can either daydreaming, reading or engaging in pastimes. 



Summer Watermelon

Photoshop CC has many different features that allow us to explore and express our creative ideas. During my independent learning hours in Technology & Multimedia class, I’ve searched in google about different photoshop project ideas and I saw many cool pieces of work. However,  I was attracted to this amazing type of effect that inspired me to do this project which is face slice. I then looked up on Youtube for a tutorial about this effect and run into this cool video from Photoshop Tutorials l Photo effects. After watching the video, I tried practicing this skill with one of my friend’s pictures. 

And this is the result that I got from my first try. I then wanted to push myself harder by thinking of a more creative idea. I search up on google about different objects that can be sliced like vegetables. The pumpkin caught my attention. I tried using this skill with a picture of a pumpkin from the internet but then I failed. The idea wasn’t as good as I think. I changed my idea to a new object and this time it was a watermelon. I attempt to create an innovative image of a watermelon that was inspired by this picture.

And now this is the result that I get, a summer watermelon that worth my hard work and time. 

This wonderful project that I’ve done has taught me many different things like cutting images using shapes, grouping them together and importantly patience. Finally, I hope to apply this effect to my future works and learn more types of skills. 

Secret Messages

Trinket is one of the websites that my teacher uses to give code projects to students. One of the projects that I’ve done this round in Technology & Multimedia class is Secret Messages in Trinket. This is the project where you write code that will let the program converts the messages into secret messages that can be translated back later using key number. For example, “olssv” is the secret message of “hello” that was encrypted using key number 7. This is the link to the Secret Messages project lesson. Below are some screenshots of my work.

These links are the works that I’ve done. Friendship Score project is one of the challenges that they give from the Secret Messages project. 

Encrypting Message:

Decrypting Message:

Friendship Score:

Khmer Land That Was Lost to Vietnam

Before Cambodia was a very big country but from time to time, some of the country’s lands were lost to neighboring countries which make it become smaller and smaller. This is a topic that every Cambodian should know. Therefore, we’re having a lesson about Cambodian land in Khmer class. Below is the link to the pdf that I and my group have made about Khmer land that was lost to Vietnam. If you want to see the pdf please copy the link and paste it in your search bar.