What We’ve Been Doing? – Math

Math is a complicated subject to learn. Therefore, we have to find the right resources and strategies that can help us learn easily. In math class, we’ve been studying from Singapore Math Books and now by the end of this year, we have finished Primary Mathematics 5B. 

Not only studying from books, but we also learn from online resources. Every week, we have homework that is due on Monday in Khan Academy, an online website that you can learn about different subjects. This is a really helpful website because you can keep track of what you’ve been learning. Besides, at the end of every term, we have a celebration of knowledge, a quiz to test how well you understand the lesson. Because of all the great resources and strategies, we were able to understand math easier and study with pleasure. 

In round 5, we were focusing on different lessons but the one that I enjoyed the most was the intro to algebra. Algebra is a part of mathematics where unknown numbers are represented by letters. For example:

6x + x – 5

5 – x

3x + 2x

Because I’ve learned algebra before, I find it is easier to learn this lesson. Below is the exercise I’ve done before. 

Algebra Exercise:

3(x+5) = 33

3x + 15 = 33

3x = 33 – 15

3x = 18

x = 18/3

x = 6

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