Traditional Food Exploration

Every country has different things to represent themselves, and there is always some special foods in that country. Therefore traditional food exploration is created for students to explore Khmer cuisine and learn about the life of different chefs and discover different restaurants in Cambodia. This exploration is divided into three different groups such as video, photo essay, and journalism. I was in the video team and Premiere Pro CC is the program that I used to edit the video. Since the video requires a lot of works, communication and collaboration with team members are so important. At the end of the exploration, the video below which is about the process of making Khmer rice noodle is the work that I have done from all my heart. Besides the video, this is the link to the blog that my exploration has created.


When we’re talking about photography, we’re talking about exposure which is the lesson that I learn this round in Technology and Multimedia class. Exposure is the amount of light that reaches your camera sensor. There are three things that affect exposure such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. However, photography is not only about exposure, but it is also about the art of showing feeling or things through photos and the different types of shot. Over the shoulder, close up, bird’s eye view and full shot are some of the examples for camera shot types. Below are some of my photos.