Kolab Pailin

In Khmer class, we have read a story together called Kolab Pailin by a Cambodian author’s name Nhok Taem. It is about an unwealthy guy named Chao Chet whose father has passed away and had to work in Pailin. Besides that, Loung Ratanak Sombat is the owner and the manager of gemstone mining group where Chao Chet will be working. Loung Ratanak Sambath has a beautiful daughter named Khun Neary. Chao Chet and Khun Neary started to have a feeling for each other from day to day. This is the novel that reflects the love of different ranks in society. It shows that rich people shouldn’t look down on unwealthy people because sometimes people who may have nothing have greater attitude and personalities than people who have everything. Moreover, people should notice and follow Loung Ratanak Sombat’s behavior because he is someone who gets respected by everyone due to his great attitude. Below is just a recording of a small part in the story.

Chemical Bond

Our topic for STEM on the second round was Chemical Bond. There are three different types of chemical bonds but we just focused on two of them which are covalent bond and ionic bond.

Computer Science in Algebra

When we’re talking about math, we’re looking for something like algebra, geometry, numbers and more, but for this round of math, coding is also included in this subject. During this term, we’re having a course on “Computer Science in Algebra” using Code.org. This lesson is really fun and it includes both coding and math. It has up to ten lessons where you can learn a lot of different things. Below is what I’ve made for this portfolio piece.