Mango Picker

Six Simple Machines


Inclined Plane

A type of simple machine that uses for moving things upward or downward.




A type of simple machine that the force is applied at a point that gives the output at another point. Ex: scissors, etc

Wheel and Axle

A type of simple machine that consists of two circular objects with an axle in the middle which usually is used to move an object.



A type of simple machine that is used to split and cut things. 






A type of simple machine that consists of a wheel and string attached to it. Usually, it is used to lift things up. 






A type of simple machine that the inclined plane is wrapped spirally around a shaft. 




Mango Picker

Just by seeing the name, we know that the Mango Picker is used to pick up mangoes but for a long distance without having to carry a heavy dustpan that is full of mangoes with you while collecting them. It is a compound machine that composes of three different types of simple machine which are wheel & axle, lever, and inclined plane. This Mango Picker project was inspired by the situation in our school where there are full of mango trees and those mangoes are falling down every day. We always have to collect those mangoes and put them in the dustpan. After the dustpan is full, we have to throw them into the trash bin which is at least three meters far from each other. We have to repeat this process, again and again, several times until all the mangoes are being collected. It is really tiring to keep doing that because when the dustpan is filled up, it is heavy due to the weight of the mangoes. Therefore, our team has come up with the idea of creating this Mango Picker. The Mango Picker uses wheels to reduce the force that is needed to move the dustpan and the inclined plane which make the mango rolls down into the box. It uses the lever to help the mango moving too. We have created a prototype that is made out of papers and bottle caps. In overall, I think that this project is really fascinating and educational but also at the same time it is fun to learn. 

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