Secret Messages

Trinket is one of the websites that my teacher uses to give code projects to students. One of the projects that I’ve done this round in Technology & Multimedia class is Secret Messages in Trinket. This is the project where you write code that will let the program converts the messages into secret messages that can be translated back later using key number. For example, “olssv” is the secret message of “hello” that was encrypted using key number 7. This is the link to the Secret Messages project lesson. Below are some screenshots of my work.

These links are the works that I’ve done. Friendship Score project is one of the challenges that they give from the Secret Messages project. 

Encrypting Message:

Decrypting Message:

Friendship Score:

Khmer Land That Was Lost to Vietnam

Before Cambodia was a very big country but from time to time, some of the country’s lands were lost to neighboring countries which make it become smaller and smaller. This is a topic that every Cambodian should know. Therefore, we’re having a lesson about Cambodian land in Khmer class. Below is the link to the pdf that I and my group have made about Khmer land that was lost to Vietnam. If you want to see the pdf please copy the link and paste it in your search bar. 


Binary Coded Decimal

We can learn a lot of different things in Math class and this round, one of our lessons is about binary coded decimal. The binary number is a number system where it uses only two symbols which are 0 and 1 to express something. A binary coded decimal is a binary system where it converts numbers into binary. For example, number 18 can be written as 00010010 in the binary number. You can use the picture above to learn how binary coded decimal work. Each column of a binary row has its own value. The first column equals to 1, the second column equals to 2, the third column equals to 4 and it continues on and on. If you put number 1 in any column, you will have the value of that column. For example, if I put number 1 in the third column and I put 0 in the leftover columns, my number is 4. You can try this on your own with a different number.