Summer Watermelon

Photoshop CC has many different features that allow us to explore and express our creative ideas. During my independent learning hours in Technology & Multimedia class, I’ve searched in google about different photoshop project ideas and I saw many cool pieces of work. However,  I was attracted to this amazing type of effect that inspired me to do this project which is face slice. I then looked up on Youtube for a tutorial about this effect and run into this cool video from Photoshop Tutorials l Photo effects. After watching the video, I tried practicing this skill with one of my friend’s pictures. 

And this is the result that I got from my first try. I then wanted to push myself harder by thinking of a more creative idea. I search up on google about different objects that can be sliced like vegetables. The pumpkin caught my attention. I tried using this skill with a picture of a pumpkin from the internet but then I failed. The idea wasn’t as good as I think. I changed my idea to a new object and this time it was a watermelon. I attempt to create an innovative image of a watermelon that was inspired by this picture.

And now this is the result that I get, a summer watermelon that worth my hard work and time. 

This wonderful project that I’ve done has taught me many different things like cutting images using shapes, grouping them together and importantly patience. Finally, I hope to apply this effect to my future works and learn more types of skills. 

Secret Messages

Trinket is one of the websites that my teacher uses to give code projects to students. One of the projects that I’ve done this round in Technology & Multimedia class is Secret Messages in Trinket. This is the project where you write code that will let the program converts the messages into secret messages that can be translated back later using key number. For example, “olssv” is the secret message of “hello” that was encrypted using key number 7. This is the link to the Secret Messages project lesson. Below are some screenshots of my work.

These links are the works that I’ve done. Friendship Score project is one of the challenges that they give from the Secret Messages project. 

Encrypting Message:

Decrypting Message:

Friendship Score:

Guess a Number Game – Python

Python, Java, and JavaScript are different types of programming languages. For this round of technology and multimedia class, I’ve learned about python which is really fun and astonishing. To be honest, I didn’t like coding before because I’ve never tried using programming languages. However, after studying about python, my feeling change and I really enjoy doing different activities with this programming language. Booleans, comparisons, indentation, if statement, for loop and wild loop are some of the python’s lessons that I’ve learned so far. One of the activities that I’ve done is creating a game where users have three tries to guess a number between 1 to 10 that the computer created. If they guess correctly within three tries, they win. However, if the answers are wrong, they will lose. Below is the code that I used to write the game.



When we’re talking about photography, we’re talking about exposure which is the lesson that I learn this round in Technology and Multimedia class. Exposure is the amount of light that reaches your camera sensor. There are three things that affect exposure such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. However, photography is not only about exposure, but it is also about the art of showing feeling or things through photos and the different types of shot. Over the shoulder, close up, bird’s eye view and full shot are some of the examples for camera shot types. Below are some of my photos.