Bastard – Book Review

Deciding and planning what you will be doing in class is called independent learning, and that’s what our Literacy class round 5 was about. The students were given the opportunity to choose their own novel to read, decide their own topic to write and organize their own time in class. I read a novel titled Bastard, a comic that reflects on a sentence that says it’s not too late to start over.

Title: Bastard

Author: Youngchan Hwang & Carnby Kim

Rate: 9.88 (Webtoon)

Numbers of Episode: 93 Ep

 Main Characters: 


Jin Seon

A son of a murderer (Dongsoo Seon), who’s been an accomplice in his father’s crime since he was young. 





Dongsoo Seon

A serial killer who murdered girls but also people who get in the way of achieving his goal. 





Kyun Yoon

A transfer student who’s been always on Jin’s side. She is someone who changed Jin’s life. 



Jin Seon is an ordinary high school student who’s been bullied by other high schoolers because of his one glass eye and his quiet personality. One day Jin was harmed by other high schoolers and needed to be saved immediately, because of the help from Kyun Yoon he was able to go to the hospital safely. His father, Dongsoo the CEO of G Corporation and also known as the philanthropist in the society, accidentally saw Kyun on his way to Jin’s room in the infirmary. He then was attracted to the willingness to kill Kyun while Jin started to protect her. 

Jin Seon & Dongsoo Seon: 

Since Jin was Young, he thought that his father was the one who drops Jin off the building which makes him weak and lost one of his eyes. He also thought that his father will kill him whenever he is useless to his father, because of this thought Jin was scared about telling anyone that his father is a serial killer. Moreover, will Jin be able to accept the fact that he will be put in jail for a certain amount of time because of all the crimes that he’s cooperated with his father unwillingly if he testified all the things to the police? He kept this thing to himself, the fact that his father is a murderer, and a demon is what Jin knew his father as. 

Jin Seon & Kyun Yoon: 

Kyun Yoon is Jin’s girlfriend. They met each other when Kyun helped Jin from the bully. Since Jin was young, he always had a nightmare of falling off the building but then Kyun changed his dream. Kyun is helping Jin from falling off the building and being a light that shines across the darkness. She always stays on his side and believes that even though Jin is weak but he’s not a bad person. Jin was really afraid to tell Kyun the truth because he thought that Kyun will hate him if she knows the fact that he’s been an accomplice in his father’s crimes but when the time came, Kyun knew everything but still accepted it and stay on Jin’s side because she believes that it’s not too late to start over. 

Dongsoo Seon & Kyun Yoon: 

Dongsoo has attracted to Kyun since the time he ran into her in the hospital. However, Kyun never knows about it and respects Dongsoo as her elder. Dongsoo has also asked Jin to help him getting Kyun but Jin refused. In the end, Kyun knew everything from Jin and scared of what Dongsoo is doing. 

Favorite Part:

At the very end part of the story, Jin had cleared all of the confusions he has with his dad. The one who threw him off the building wasn’t his dad, it was his mom. The reality was his dad never intend to kill him but still, he is a demon who is a serial killer. He had killed a lot of women and also Jin’s friend, Manny Kim. However, Jin has forgiven Dongsoo through the act of not killing him. 

Author Writing Style: 

The comic contains lots of new words that can be used in everyday life. Moreover, the author always leading the readers to unexpected things which make the readers curious what will happen next. 


Bastard is a thriller comic where it reflects on the relationship between a dad who’s a murderer and his son. It shows how the son got the courage to go against his father. If you like reading a thrilling or a fascinating novel, Bastard is recommended. For me, this is one of my favorite comics. 


There is a serial killer in my house!



How to be Happy When You Can’t Use Your Devices

Being controlled by parents about using technology devices is one of the hardest things for teenagers. Every day, we play games like Fortnite, Rules of Survival, Minecraft, Candy Crush and more. We use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok daily. 45% of 2,750 teenagers that were surveyed, admitted bringing their mobiles to bed, according to the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC). Isn’t that crazy about how people addicted to their technology devices? 

Well, in the past my parents have stopped me from using technology devices for three days because of the harmful screens that hurt my eyes. Have you ever imagine what it feels like to have your phone, computer, and even television away from you? I felt like I was trapped in a room with no electricity and internet which was really monotonous. That is what I’ve faced and because of that, now I’m going to help you overcome that problem by finding happiness without technology.


Since you were born until now, I believe that you have at least daydreamed once. Can you recall what it feels like to daydream? From what I remember, from the last time that I fantasized was that I felt peaceful and pleased. As stated by the Psychologies magazine, “Like playing a film in our heads, daydreams can change our mood, they can relax or entertain us”. This shows that daydreaming can bring contentment to our mood. Therefore, why don’t you use this difficult time to enter a reverie about something that you enjoy, something that would make you satisfied? 

Doing daydreaming can somehow divert you from the problem you’re facing. Now, let’s use a situation as an example. In our case, let’s say your parents stop you from using devices for a day. You don’t know what to do. So, you use that time to daydream about getting rich, for example. You first started by dreaming about becoming a billionaire, after that you continue to dream about what you want to do in that case. You then get satisfied with what you’re thinking, so you want to keep going on with what you are imagining. By doing that you will forget about the terrible time you’re facing. This is how daydreaming help you to find happiness without technology. 

Now, to daydream peacefully, you might want to find somewhere that is comfortable. One of the places that I recommend you is your bedroom because you might want to fantasize for a long time and no one is there to irritate you. After finding your place, you can start creating your own story and adventure, creating the world that you want to live in and the memory you want to have. Also, after daydreaming for a long time, you might fall asleep which is good because it can reduce the amount of your difficult time by being asleep. By doing this I hope that you will feel peaceful and please just like I did. 


Beside fantasizing, you can also do something else like reading a book. Perusing a book can benefit you in a lot of different ways such as gain more knowledge, improve your reading skill, not only distract you from your day without technology. However, you need to choose the right book to focus on because if you can’t concentrate on that book, you might feel boring. Which is not what you want? Plus, you can imagine yourself as the character in the book. Isn’t it sound exciting? 


Everyone has their own hobbies. For example, I like dancing, learning and solving cubic puzzles, learning and playing musical instruments and more. Doing all these kinds of stuff, make me happy. Therefore, if you don’t want to read or daydream, you can do other things that you like. The author of “How Hobbies Make You Happier and Healthier” in the Life & Health Network has stated that one study showed that people who engage in hobbies enjoy better moods, feel more interested, and have less stress and lower heart rates. This means enjoying our hobby can make us feel pleasurable. Who knows if your hobby is playing guitar and you use that hard time to play guitar, you might also improve your skill in that category. 


After doing these kinds of things, having a reflection on those activities would help a lot whether you find those action delightful. These are some questions to guide you to do this reflection. Did you find those activities satisfying? Were you thinking of a phone, a computer or even other technology devices while doing these activities? If yes, why? Which activities do you like the most and why? Finally, I hope that you will find at least one of these activities gratifying. Remember if you can’t use technology devices, you can either daydreaming, reading or engaging in pastimes. 



Where I’m From

Literacy class is always fascinating to learn because there are lots of different interesting things. This round we’re learning about identity and one of the projects that we’ve done is a poem. In this project, we’re creating our own poem by using the “Where I’m From” poem structure. Then, we created a video or audio about the poem and post it in the Flipgrid. Below, is the video that I’ve made and the poem that I’ve written.

I am from pillow from blanket and wall lamp. I am from the uncrowded home but warmth and sweet.

I am from the dry patch

The red gooseberry tree whose long gone limbs shade the place.

I’m from curly hair dad but straight hair mom, from Panha and Chetra, my little brothers. I’m from night owl and time-poor family but from merrymaking. 

I’m from the stop play with and the chatter when teachers away but rules stickler. 

I’m from discrete eating family. 

I’m from Siem Reap but Kandal mom and Battambang dad and from ideal eggs

From restless dad, discharge for the family. All of the memories that I have with my family within my heart, will remain there for the rest of my life. 

Argumentative Essay

There are many different types of essays including descriptive, definition, persuasive, argumentative and more. The type of essay that I learned this round, is an argumentative essay.  In this lesson, we get to create our own essay that argues about any topics that we passionate about. Before writing our own essay, we have learned different things like a thesis statement, choosing evidence, quote sandwich, etc. The topic that I chose to write about is “Cosmetic Surgery Should be Banned for Teenagers”. We’ve been spending this whole round researching and writing about the topic. We’ve also been doing peer review and conferencing with our facilitator to check what should we improve before our final draft. At first, I didn’t like writing. However, after this lesson, I hope to learn more kinds of essays. 

Cosmetic Surgery Should be Banned for Teenagers

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought that I would look better if not because my eyes are too small or my nose is too big? Have you ever felt that I would make more friends and feel more comfortable if I appear better than this, or even I want to look like that celebrity? Well, if yes have you ever wanted to change your appearance and which way do you choose to change it? When we’re talking about changing appearance, the first way that comes up is cosmetic surgery. However, does cosmetic surgery appropriate for everyone of all ages? Surely, it is not but why is there an increasing amount of teens getting cosmetic surgery? Well, this is a true story. A 15 years old girl, Renata, has had cosmetic surgery due to bullying. Before people would call her, a girl with a big nose and she didn’t feel good with it. She has been homeschooled for two years and rarely goes outside because of bullying. Therefore, Renata has convinced the solution to that, is a smaller nose which is getting cosmetic surgery. However, her mother could not effort for it, so they applied for the Little Baby Face Foundation, which gives a free surgery to low-income children with facial birth effect and they got picked. Renata got rhinoplasty and chin implant to balance her face. After having these surgeries, she decided to go back to a normal school’s schedule. Now, let’s think this way. You didn’t go to school because people bullied about your appearance. Then you got cosmetic surgery to improve your look and expected that people would stop bullying you because of it. However, what if people stop bullying you about your appearance before, but they started to say that you’re plastic? What if they bully you about having cosmetic surgery? How would you feel of having people bully you about having cosmetic surgery instead of your appearance? Not only this reason that connects to the fact that you shouldn’t have cosmetic surgery while you’re a teenager. But also, it contains other complications that teenagers should avoid getting them. Despite the fact that cosmetic surgery improves people’s beauty and increases people’s confidence, cosmetic surgery should be banned for teenagers due to health problems, complications after recovery, and financial implications.


World most popular cosmetic surgeries, breast augmentation, and liposuction might be the weirdest and the riskiest surgeries among all the cosmetic procedures. On the report of Mayo Clinic, breast augmentation requires the surgeon to make a single cut in one of these three places (in the crease under your breast, under your arm and around your nipple) and insert an implant (saline or silicone) into the pocket of your breast where the surgeon has separated the breast tissue from the muscles and connective tissue of your chest. This kind of surgery is performed to increase the size of your breast. Along with that, the compulsory need for the most common liposuction, tumescent lipoplasty, is to inject a sterile solution into the area that’s being treated, so that it becomes swell and stiffen. Then the surgeon will make a small cut into your skin and insert a cannula under your skin to suction fat and fluids from your body. This surgery, liposuction, is performed for weight loss. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there were 8, 435 breast implants and 3, 889 liposuctions performed on adolescents between the age of 13 to 19 in 2017.  However, have you ever considered the risks of these two procedures? In fact, Dr. Diana Zuckerman, the president of the National Center for Health Research in Washington D.C, has written that “Liposuction which is one of the cosmetic surgeries has taken serious risks such as infection, damage to skin, nerves, vital organ, fat or blood clots (that can travel to lung which can lead to death). Besides liposuction, one of these serious complications such as infection, hematomas, seromas, capsular contracture, loss of nipple sensation, and hypertrophic scarring always happen in the first three years for women or girls who get breast augmentation.” This shows that cosmetic surgery is not only bad for adult’s health, but teen’s health is also affected by these procedures. Furthermore, the important thing to consider about the breast augmentation is that most of the breast implants last for seven to twelve years. This means that females who get breast augmentation require to get another surgery in the future to replace the ruptured implants or to remove the implants. In addition to that, every surgery contains risks such as anesthesia, infection, swelling and bruising, scarring, etc. Therefore women who get breast augmentation will face these same risks overtime because of surgery. Additionally, magnetic resonance image (MRI) which uses a magnetic field and radio wave to create a detailed body’s image of your organ and structures, is also required for women after three years of breast augmentation and every two years after that to check if the implant is ruptured. Because every surgery contains risks, other cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty, otoplasty, blepharoplasty and more are also bad for health. In fact, rhinoplasty, a surgery where you reshape your nose, can make your nose difficult to breathe, permanent numbness in and around your nose and etc. Along with that, otoplasty, a surgery where you enhance the appearance of your ears, can cause scarring, changes skin sensation, problems with stitches and etc. Likewise, blepharoplasty, a surgery where you correct your eyelids, can cause infection, makes your eyes difficult to close, skin discoloration and etc. This shows that cosmetic surgery can cause many bad conditions for your health, especially teenagers since their bodies are still maturing. Therefore adolescents shouldn’t be allowed to get cosmetic surgery in this state. In other words, cosmetic surgery should be banned for them.


So, what will happen after teens receive these cosmetic procedures? While some people are satisfied with their appearance after the surgery, there are also people who dissatisfied with their looks due to the mistakes and the result of the procedure or due to the Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). According to CBS News, Heidi Montag, the American star has called all of her surgeries a mistake. She also said that people have fewer scars from car accidents than she has on her body. This shows that even though cosmetic surgery improves people’s beauty, some people aren’t satisfied with the results. Along with that, people with body dysmorphic disorder, a mental disorder which you feel ashamed or anxious about flaws or perceives defects in your appearance while others think that it is minor or not observable, often aren’t fully satisfied with the result of the surgery is even though, it is a success. For example, there’s a girl who has BDD and people think that she is slim but she herself think that she’s too fat. So, she decided to get liposuction and it came out successfully that she lost some weights. However, she still thinks that it’s not enough that she still wanted to lose more weights. As a result, people with body dysmorphic disorder will never be satisfied with the outcome of their surgeries. In addition, after people with BDD have cosmetic surgery at one part of their body, they started to create a new desire for other parts of their body and it continues on and on. Due to that, people with BDD ended up receiving multiples surgeries. For instance, Michael Jackson, the king of pop is also one of the people who have body dysmorphic disorder. He got multiple surgeries such as whittling down the nose, lightened skin, chin implant, lip augmentation and more. To add on, receiving various cosmetic procedures can cause people’s appearance to look abnormal. For example, a person with body dysmorphic disorder, Rodrigo Alves. Rodrigo Alves has had over 50 cosmetic procedures. For that reason, he got the nickname of “Human Ken Doll” which make sense because he is now looking like a doll. On account of body dysmorphic disorder complications and the dissatisfied with the result of the procedures, cosmetic surgery is not a good way to improve appearance for teens, since they’re too young to face all of these procedures’ problem. This confirms the fact that cosmetic surgery should not be allowed for teens.


Despite the risks and problems of cosmetic surgery, the cost of cosmetic procedures is impressively high. According to ASPS, the total money that was spent in 2017 for cosmetic surgery was around 16 billion dollars. However, who is actually paying for all of these surgeries? As a matter of fact, Mila Araujo, the director of Personal Insurance for Ogilvy Insurance, has written that “The insurance company doesn’t pay for the surgery in cosmetic reasons but it does pay for the surgery in reconstructive reasons”. In other words, the insurance company doesn’t pay for surgery like breast augmentation, liposuction, eyelid surgery or any other surgeries that are only for appearance improvements. To add on, teenagers might not be able to afford for cosmetic surgery like breast augmentation which is not a one-time cost surgery, that requires several procedures that cost over thousands of dollars. In fact, breast augmentation requires MRI in the first three years and every two years after that, which usually cost more than $2000 per time. On the other hand, lots of cosmetic surgical procedures cost thousands of dollars, while cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures cost hundreds of dollars. As a result, getting cosmetic surgery as a teenager could cause financial life problems. Therefore teens shouldn’t be allowed to get them.


To sum up, getting cosmetic surgery as a teenager can cause many problems such as complications relating to health, complications after recovery and financial institution. Therefore, cosmetic surgery shouldn’t be allowed for teens. Now, go back to the mirror and look at yourself, look at all the things that you don’t like, think about them positively and tell yourself that you are beautiful just the way you are. Be who I am is more important than risking my life with cosmetic surgery. If you happen to think of getting cosmetic surgery, try to keep it for later when you become an adult so it wouldn’t affect you much as a teen and over time you might change your mind from getting them. 


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HyperDoc – Literacy

HyperDoc is one of the subjects that I and my classmates focused on in Literacy class. It is a Doc that contains lessons for students. The HyperDoc that my class got is called “Prison” Roald Dahl HyperDoc. In this project, we got to read one of Roald Dahl’s story which is called Prison and it is really fascinating to read. We learned different things from this project such as about theme, symbolism, story element, and structure of the story. The thing that I really didn’t know about before doing this HyperDoc is symbolism. I never think that the objects that are included in the story represent anything. However, after this HyperDoc project, I know that the author includes an object in the story because it has a meaning. In overall I think that HyperDoc is a good project to learn and it is really helpful for students. I hope to learn more with HyperDoc in the future.