Marine Traveling Theater

 Marine Traveling Theater is an exploration where we performed a short play that we’ve created about ocean threat which our goal is to encourage people to conserve and protect marine life. Our facilitator for this exploration is from Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC). 

Before we can create a play that’s related to the ocean, we have to understand marine life and it’s ecosystem first but also the theater. We spend our first two or three weeks trying to have general knowledge and idea about these two subjects including ocean threats, marine ecosystem services and roles in theater. We even go to explore underwater life through snorkeling to see the beauty of the ocean but also to understand more about it. 

During our trip to Koh Seh, we were able to do lots of many things. Some of the activities include dolphin survey, snorkeling, picking up trash but also seeing the bioluminescence. While snorkeling we saw seahorses, starfish, beautiful coral reefs and many different kinds of fish. I then realize the outside beauty of the ocean has nothing compare to the beauty inside the ocean. I’m really grateful to be a member of this exploration. 

After learning about these things, we were able to divide roles in creating this play. Some of the theater roles include director, actors, costume designer, screenwriter and many more. My job in this exploration is a media director with one of my classmate. We are the one who created the poster, the pamphlet, and other technology products to advertise our play. After all the hard works that we’ve done, we were able to create a play called New Beginning. 

New Beginning

A little girl finds out that her beloved ocean is being polluted: the adventure begins! Will she be able to make a change toward pollution or will this problem continue to impact the ocean?


Because our play is about protecting the ocean, we chose the people around the coastal area to be our target audience. We were able to present to Sala Monkey and Kep Garden in Kep. 


To make our play more influence and effective to the kids, we decided to do an activity about ocean threats with them. We explain the effects of ocean threats and give them a chance to find the solutions they can. 




We also got the opportunity to perform our play on Ocean Day at Trapeang Sangkae Community Fisheries. Because of all the opportunities we got, we are really grateful that our play has reached out to many people. 


Final Pamphlet

This is a short video about our exploration. 

Help Protect Our Ocean!

Simple Acts of Throwing the Trash in the Bin & Reducing Single-use Plastic Can Help Save Our Ocean!

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